Thursday, 12 February 2015

Catch up!

I'm SO sorry I've been naughty & completely abandoned my blog recently! Is it a bit too late to say Happy New Year?!

Ok so, here's a little update of what's been happening in my world lately.....
Up to now 2015 has been totally awesome! January was pretty busy & February looks like it's going that way too. My goals this year are to work harder at my dreams & to try out new things, which is already paying off. During January it was thrilling to see that I had over 1000 followers on Twitter & 500 on Facebook. And I was blown away when my Etsy shop reached 100 sales over the weekend! Below is a quick screenshot I took just before I started bouncing about the studio with excitement :)
Thus I want to say a GIGANTIC thanks for your support, it means the world.

Over the last month or so I've been having a sketchbook clear out & amazingly my little original paintings have been selling super quickly in the Artwork sale - especially the biscuits!!! I've noticed you guys LOVE Party Rings & Pink Wafers... 

And I had a go at making some fruity ceramics from air-dry clay but they haven't sold so well. I can't work out why as I love them! Maybe they are over priced? Clay is really fun to work with & I'm not ready to give up yet so I'm thinking of making some little jewellery pieces next time. What do you think?

My new Valentine's Day card design was really popular too - THANK YOU to everyone who bought one. I think this card would be perfect for an Anniversary or Engagement celebration as well :)

Please be aware if you'd like to buy a card for Love day this Saturday I can't guarantee that it will arrive on time!

I've had so much fun developing new products for you lovely lot this year - if there's anything you want me to paint or make let me know..... 


  1. LOVE your work, Nikki! Inspiring subjects and palette. Brilliant!