Friday, 21 March 2014


I have some very exciting news, my cards and prints are now being stocked at LOIS! A gorgeous little independent shop that sells lots of beautiful things handmade by designer-makers from the UK. LOIS opened in October 2012 and has already garnered a loyal following of people looking for unique items, lovingly created with dedication and true skill. LOIS likes colour, illustration, badges, silliness, tea towels, things that are hand printed, puns, patterns, prettiness, and much, much more. Above all, they look for a real sense of individual talent within the products they stock.

Image from LOIS blog

Here are the photos I took before I packed everything up to be sent off to LOIS, I was super pleased to see my Apple a day illustration in print for the first time too!

If you would like to stock my cards or prints in your shop get in touch!

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